Combatting Certification Fraud in East Africa: A Call for Enhanced Verification Measures

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In recent times, the prevalence of fraudulent documents, particularly counterfeit certifications, circulating within the East African market has raised significant concerns among verification credential experts. The escalating issue of forgery poses a formidable challenge, compounded by factors such as a contracting job market and an expanding pool of job seekers. This trend has serious implications, not only for businesses but also for public sector entities grappling with the integrity of their workforce.

The recent case of four individuals accused of forging credentials to secure public service positions, as reported by Eldoret law courts, underscores the urgency of addressing this pervasive problem. Reference: Capital FM Kenya, March 2024

Peleza, a prominent player in verification services, asserts that merely identifying fraudulent certificates is insufficient in tackling this phenomenon. It advocates for the implementation of additional control mechanisms, emphasizing collaboration with institutions and relevant bodies as essential steps towards combating certification fraud.

Key Findings:

A recent report by Peleza sheds light on the extent of certification fraud based on background checks conducted in March. The statistics reveal alarming trends:

  1. Employment Inconsistencies: Detected in 13.33% of cases (200 out of 1500), indicating discrepancies or inconsistencies in the employment history provided by applicants.
  2. Education Forgeries: Found in 10% of cases (200 out of 2000), highlighting instances where applicants submitted forged or falsified educational credentials.
  3. Criminal Forgeries: Identified in 13.33% of cases (400 out of 3000), involving fraudulent information related to applicants’ criminal background.


In light of the government intensifying its efforts to combat counterfeit documentation, Peleza International is at the forefront of aiding organizations in navigating the complexities of recruitment processes. Our recent report highlights the positive outcomes of the crackdown on certification fraud, with specialists expressing optimism that this progress will not only continue but also strengthen. For a comprehensive understanding of our offerings and how they can benefit your company, explore our services further by visiting our website.