Simplifying your Compliance needs with our Seamless KYC, KYB, and Background Checks Solutions

Peleza’s AI-powered solutions offer KYC, KYB, and background checks Solutions for Instant and seamless Identity verification, background checks, and business onboarding to the entire client lifecycle and user-based management.
WHO we are

Reinventing your world of information

Peleza is the pioneering East African venture committed solely to delivering thorough Know Your Customer (KYC), Know Your Business (KYB), and Background Check services; with operations founded on official and reliable national and international data sources, consistently observing current privacy regulations with utmost diligence.


We prioritize reliable information to foster trust, safety, and security through accurate KYC, KYB, and background checks. Our seasoned experts and AI-powered technology ensure you can make informed decisions confidently.


You can easily switch between Identity verification, business verification, background, and intelligent checks, creating a seamless and all-encompassing verification process.


We streamline Verification requests with real-time progress tracking and online report access, eliminating the inefficiencies of traditional methods.

Seamless Integration

Our services are designed to work harmoniously within your existing systems for optimal efficiency.

Get ai powered data

Enabling Secure Transactions with Trusted Verifications!

Join the ranks of businesses benefiting from secure and trusted verifications and background Checks with Peleza.

Access Reliable Information Globally!
Leverage our extensive network of official and trustworthy national and international data sources to make informed business decisions.
Unlock Confidence in Your Business Relationships
Backed by a team of experts and cutting-edge technology, we're committed to safeguarding your business interests!
Our Coverage
Our extensive knowledge and capabilities extend beyond Kenya, allowing us to deliver comprehensive and reliable verification services across this diverse geographic footprint in the below countries.

1. 2M+

Persons verified

3. 6M+

Verifications Done


Clients Served



Our Solutions

Unlock Confidence and Security

Discover our comprehensive suite of identity verification, business onboarding, background checks, and transaction monitoring solutions. Safeguard your business, ensure compliance, and make informed decisions with ease. Let's get started on a path to trust and success. Talk to our experts today."

Our Happy Customers

We mean what we say. Don't just take our words for it. Hear from our amazing customers

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