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We have a wide range of background screening solutions that are technology-based and ease the process doing verifications and checks. In doing so we have achieved the status of being the first background screening company in East Africa to automate the background screening process.


Accurate information

During the verification process, we get first-hand information from primary data sources hence ensuring 100 % accuracy during the background screening process.


Tailored screening

We have a wide array of checks that are guaranteed to meet your every need. These services can be customized to suit the nature of your business needs.


First class customer
service & satisfaction

Our customer centric team is keen to understand our clients’ needs and tailor make solutions with unmatched quality services. Client happiness is our priority.


Peleza has the capacity to conduct checks on a global scale thanks to the partnerships we have with other world class screening organizations.


Best Turn
Around Times

Thanks to the incorporation of technology in our background screening process we are able to provide the best Turnaround times in the market to hasten your recruiting process.

Client Testimonials

Peleza has demonstrated high levels of professionalism, great expertise in conducting the requested background checks and their outstanding detailed reports have been delivered in record time.

VFS Global

Throughout our smooth engagement with Peleza our relationship has been of great mutual benefit hence making them a very reliable background screening partner and the quality of their work is unmatched.

Brighter Monday

The feedback we get from their thorough background checks has been exceptional and the information has been satisfactory in assisting us make informed hiring decisions as we recruit for our clients.

Stratostaff EA Ltd

They do a thorough job and the reports we receive are evidence of their vast expertise in this field. They take the burden of verifying details provided by potential employees helping us concentrate on our core duties.

Tovuti Group Ltd

Background Screening Solutions

Background Screening

Employee Screening

We verify the information provided by potential employees at the behest of the employer. The checks conducted include Identity, Resume and Criminal checks just to name a few.

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background screening

Know Your Customer

Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures are vital in assessing and monitoring customer risk and are an important part of our background screening process.

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background screening

Company Due Diligence

These are checks geared towards analysing a company that you are interested in acquiring, investing in or partnering with, in a bid to learn more about its reputation, capacity to deliver etc.

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