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Combatting Certification Fraud in East Africa: A Call for Enhanced Verification Measures

Introduction: In recent times, the prevalence of fraudulent documents, particularly counterfeit certifications, circulating within the East African market has raised significant concerns among verification credential experts. The escalating issue of…

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Inspiring and Fostering Inclusion: How Peleza is Breaking Social Stereotypes and Driving Change. 

As the world celebrates International Women’s Day, we reflect on how Peleza International, a forward-thinking organization is actively empowering women in the workplace. With a commitment to fostering equality, providing…

Revolutionizing Background Checks: The Tech Advantage for Smarter Hiring.  

Recruitment of new staff is a vital responsibility within the human resources domain, but it often demands considerable time to sift through numerous applications and validate the information provided. However,…

Background Checks for Small Businesses: Ensuring Trust and Security.

Building your small business comes with its fair share of challenges, and we understand that. That’s why it’s crucial not to overlook an essential step, conducting background checks. Regardless of…

Remote Hiring and Background Checks.

Remote Hiring and Background Checks. The COVID-19 pandemic had a profound impact on various aspects of our lives, including our work dynamics. As COVID cases surged in 2020, a substantial…

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