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Discover our comprehensive suite of identity verification, business onboarding, background checks, and transaction monitoring solutions. Safeguard your business, ensure compliance, and make informed decisions with ease. Let's get started on a path to trust and success. Talk to our experts today.

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Ensure Trustworthiness in Every Interaction 

Identity Verification (KYC)

Onboard New Users and customers: Instantly Verify data/documents/identities whenever and from wherever!

 Our tailored Know Your Customer (KYC) solutions offer thorough verification of individuals/users; verifying your customers' identities, and staying compliant!

Make Informed Decisions, Every Time!

Background Checks

Our background checks provide an in-depth inquiry into any individual's history across Africa, allowing you to become confident in your business interactions. We cover everything from criminal records and work history to education and address verification, empowering you to make informed decisions and maintain secure online interactions.

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Monitor transactions in real time

Transaction Monitoring (KYT)

With our transaction monitoring solution, we are empowering businesses across Africa to quickly and securely conduct necessary checks, including:

Our robust verification and security solutions exemplify Peleza's unwavering commitment to integrity. From Criminal Verification, including Good Conduct/Police Clearance and global screenings, to Financial Verification, offering tailored options like Credit Information with Scores and precise Tax Compliance checks – we empower you to conduct transactions with unparalleled confidence in every business interaction.

Instantly Verify and Onboard Businesses

Business Onboarding (KYB)

Build Credibility and Trust in Every Business Relationship
Our tailored Know Your Business (KYB) solutions offer in-depth verification of entities, ensuring you partner with reliable and compliant businesses.

From Business information, Company due diligence, Credit checks, Tax Compliance, and Business Permit, just to mention a few.

Our KYB services help you “Know Your Business” and Partners

Trust our Know Your Business (KYB) services to conduct detailed due diligence on entities, enabling you to make informed decisions and mitigate risks effectively.

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Enhance your online security

Advanced AML/CTF

Enhance your online security with our advanced AML/CTF solutions and the added security of our innovative algorithm. Our Company Due Diligence solutions evaluate Shareholders, Directors, Company Registration, Social Media, Professional Memberships, Global Watchlists, Site Visits, Customer References, Compliance, and Credit Checks to provide a complete examination of business partners. Navigate the business landscape with greater confidence and security with Peleza.

Getting started with Peleza today!

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