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Peleza is the pioneering East African venture committed solely to delivering thorough Know Your Customer (KYC), Know Your Business (KYB), and Background Check services; with operations founded on official and reliable national and international data sources, consistently observing current privacy regulations with utmost diligence.

Empowering informed decisions and building trust through data-driven background checks and KYC/KYB creating a secure business environment in Africa

To be the leading provider of data-driven background checks and KYC/KYB solutions in Africa

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Who We Are

Your Trusted Partner for Data-Driven KYC, KYB, and Background Checks

Peleza’s infrastructure offers KYC, KYB, and background checks Solutions for instant and seamless Identity Verification, Background Checks, and Business Onboarding, Powering businesses of all sizes to safely hire, acquire, onboard customers, and perform transactions solely built on accuracy.

Pleza CEO Marita Mutemi
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Our Story

In Africa, accessing digital information has been incredibly challenging due to its decentralized nature, making convenience a rare commodity. Corporate leaders often struggle to gather information from diverse external sources, resulting in the expenditure of time, resources, and missed opportunities. Our objective is to transform the existing landscape. We acknowledge the opportunity to aggregate data and establish a self-service platform that envisions a future where essential information can be conveniently, securely, and legally accessed, all while upholding data protection and privacy standards, and ensuring compliance. This will be done in a fast and cost-effective manner.

Our dedication at Peleza goes beyond mere convenience; we are committed to restoring trust and ensuring truth in everyday business decisions. We achieve this by streamlining verification requests, offering real-time progress tracking, and providing online access to reports.This approach eliminates the inefficiencies associated with traditional methods and enhances the reliability of the information obtained.

All we do is dream and craft amazing products

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Jonathan Barnes
Jonathan Barnes

Founder and CEO

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Jaime Fletcher

Senior Software Developer

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Les Bakker

Software Engineer

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Alyssa Garrison

Web Development

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Charlotte Johnson

Content Manager

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