March Product Updates – Seamlessly Perform KYB Checks,… and more.

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March was a productive month for us, and we are excited to share the impactful strides we are making at Peleza in talent development, feature enhancement and data security.

We’re thrilled to announce recent enhancements aimed at boosting your efficiency and security:

Introducing Our Latest Platform Updates.

AML – Back Office Enhancement.

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This significant update allows for direct actions on customer profiles post-screening, including flagging or approval processes and requesting supporting documents for discrepancies. This feature is now fully operational to better serve your needs.

Perform Instant KYB Checks.

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Our new end-to-end integration facilitates seamless business screening, streamlining due diligence and risk mitigation in business engagements. Transform your KYB checks with our innovative integration, making due diligence swift and seamless. Instantly verify businesses, screen partners effortlessly, and mitigate risks efficiently, all while fostering smoother, trust-based business engagements. Simplify compliance, enhance efficiency, and secure your business’ future today.

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Data Integration – Revamped Sanction List. 

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We’ve updated our sanction list to enhance our data integration capabilities, ensuring access to the latest information for informed decision-making.

In Summary, these enhancements are not just updates; they’re tools crafted to empower your operations, simplify compliance, enhance efficiency, and secure your business’s future. We invite you to explore these advancements firsthand and experience the difference they can make. Login to your Dashboard here and unlock the potential of streamlined, trust-based business engagements with Peleza. New to our services? Sign up here.