Peleza Blog 14
Confronting the Menace of Forgeries in Kenya: Peleza’s Contribution in Safeguarding Integrity.

Introduction: The prevalence of falsified education certificates has raised concerns about the integrity of academic qualifications in Kenya. This trend has created an atmosphere of uncertainty surrounding the authenticity of…

Peleza Blog 12.1
How Top-Tier Ongoing Monitoring Takes Anti-Money Laundering Efforts to the Next Level. 

In the relentless pursuit against money laundering and in strict adherence to Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations, a highly effective ongoing monitoring system is imperative. This continuous vigilance over customer accounts,…

Peleza Blog 12.2
Identity Farming: Safeguarding Your Digital Security and Business in the Wake of the No. 1 Silent Threat

Identity Farming – The era of digitalization has made data a crucial asset that propels businesses and organizations towards growth and success. Every time we use the internet, we generate…

Peleza Blog 6
Building Resilient Infrastructure: Converging Compliance, Innovation, and Growth in Kenya’s Financial Landscape.

At the recent Compliance Dialogue event hosted by Peleza, the discussions revolved around the challenges of compliance, growth, and innovation within Kenya’s dynamic financial landscape. This event served as a…

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