Consent Form

Bolt Driver

I, the undersigned, hereby authorize BOLT to which I have applied to be a driver (“The Company”), to obtain a background screening report on me in order to verify my particulars as provided in my application form for the purpose of my driver onboarding by and through the Company’s service provider, Peleza International Limited hereinafter referred to as Peleza, in accordance with the Company’s Data Privacy and Peleza Privacy Policy.

The above mentioned report will include information, such as Criminal Record, Driving License, PSV License, National Identity and other applicable public record information.

I further authorize the Company and Peleza to disclose a copy of this authorization to any person(s), educational establishment(s), former employer(s), business entity(ies) or public body(s) (“Third Party”) shown on my application and for this authorization to act as my specific consent to any such Third Party for the disclosure to the Company/ Peleza of any personal data about me.

I hereby release the Company, Peleza and any Third Parties from any claims, costs, expenses or rights of action of any kind whatsoever (“Claims”) which I (or others on my behalf) may have against the Company or Peleza arising directly or indirectly out of or in connection with the provision of the background screening report, save where such Claim arises directly as a result of the gross negligence or intent of the Company or Peleza.

I certify that the information provided in my application is true and correct and that my application might be terminated based on any false or misleading information subject to local law provisions and jurisdiction.

Payments rendered to Peleza International Ltd shall not be refundable under any circumstances, if the checks have already been conducted.

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