Over 90% of employers do some sort of background verification for their new employees. This could be as minimal as calling references to try and ascertain the employee’s professional persona or using a screening company to do a full background check.

While this is commendable there is a gap that is overseen especially where dynamic checks are concerned and where refresher checks are concerned. For instance, the criminal record of an individual can change anytime and professional licenses/memberships can expire or get revoked by the issuing authority. The problem is that those checks represent a moment in time. If an employee commits a crime, after being hired, an employer may never find out.

While information like education credentials and past employment information may not change throughout an employee’s career, criminal records, driving records, credit reports and professional licence/membership statuses can change. With workplace harassment, embezzlement, and fraud triggering concerns about the quality of the existing workforce’s character, employers should be keen on continuous monitoring.

Importance of Refresher Checks

Refresher background screening is a post-hire screening that is performed in real-time for the entire workforce.

Companies like Uber recently went public with their plans to conduct continuous background screening for their gig workers.  This is to ensure they get continuous updates about drivers’ records, including new criminal violations and license suspensions.

Peleza has the capacity and experience to conduct refresher background checks for a myriad of reasons that include legal compliance, accreditation purposes and continued risk mitigation. To know more about this service, contact us.