Background screening is a process of checking and verifying relevant personal and confidential information on an individual or organization to confirm whether they are being honest and straightforward about their qualifications and achievements.

Employers carry out background checks to reduce the risks associated with negligent hiring. These risks include hiring someone who may pose a threat to the workplace or become a liability to the employer. Background screening seeks to eliminate resume fraud and ensures the most qualified candidate gets the job.

Types of Background Checks

The process may be conducted prior to, or post-appointment, or during employment and involves employment checks, education checks, criminal checks, identity checks, financial (credit) checks, professional checks, driving checks, company due diligence and right to work checks.

We can conduct a wide variety of background checks in East Africa and internationally. The most widely conducted background checks performed by Peleza include:

Verification Process and Legal Compliance

New, potential and existing employees have to consent to a background check by signing a consent form and authorizing us to access Personal Identifiable Information (PII) as detailed in the recently passed Data Protection Act, 2019.

We also comply with all data privacy laws applicable in all nations, including but not limited to Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and GDPR among others.

Further to that, we have an internal Data Privacy Policy that is strictly observed by all our employees as we handle our clients’ and candidates’ information during the screening process. Any changes in the legal framework are notified to our clients and the implications thereof.

Background Screening Trends

According to a research report by 96% of employers conduct one or more types of employment background screening. Although most companies wait until after a conditional job offer is made, 59% of employers conduct a background check during the hiring process.

Sample Forms

Background Screening Consent Form