May 2024 Edition: Latest Product Updates and Highlights

Peleza at ID4Africa

It’s that time of the month, where we share product updates and highlights from the month. This May 2024 edition features dashboard updates, bug fixes, events and more updates! 

New Features On Peleza

New features on Peleza

  1. We recently added API metrics to the dashboard, giving you enhanced visibility and insights into your API usage.
  2. You can now view company encumbrances through the Business Registration Service API. 

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On Dashboard Updates


  1. Ultimate Beneficial Ownership Feature: We are excited to inform you that the highly anticipated Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO) feature is now available under the Business Search endpoint on your dashboard.
  2. You can now verify Public Service Vehicle credentials directly from the issuing authority from your dashboard for enhanced accuracy and compliance.
  3. Users can now use the ‘Select Language Feature’ to choose their preferred language interface on the dashboard.In addition, we added “A Search Bar” to improve your navigation.
  4. Easily skip to your desired page in the report log section with the new page numbering feature.
  5. You can now view the email addresses of those who fund the wallet with the Wallet Transactions Enhancements. The reference number field is now enabled, allowing you to view and copy the complete reference number.
  6. Wallet Funding Updates: We have also enhanced our wallet funding features to provide a better user experience. The updates include:
    • Transaction dates now display the date of funding.
    • Funding dates and statuses are now filterable.
    • You can see the names of individuals within the organization who funded the wallet.
    • The method used to fund the wallet is now visible.

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On New Endpoints

New endpoints on Peleza 

  1. Basic Company Search now available for;Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, India, New Zealand, Vietnam, Thailand, and Australia.
  2. Get Company Number: Retrieve company numbers in Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, India, New Zealand, Vietnam, Thailand, and Australia.  
  3. Advanced Business Search: We also launched our Advanced Business Search endpoints available for Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, India, New Zealand, Vietnam, Thailand, and Australia.  
  4. National ID Verification in Ivory Coast: With our newly released Ivory Coast endpoint, businesses can now instantly verify individuals’ identities in the region using their national IDs.
  5. Company Search now available for Ivory Coast: Alongside our National ID verification endpoint for Ivory Coast, we also launched company search endpoint, enabling businesses to conduct quick company searches from their Peleza’s dashboard.

 On Bug Fixes 

  1. Business Ownership Advance now updated to reflect unallocated shares in the dashboard response when a report is downloaded.
  2. Verification Status Endpoint: Users can now get verification status reports through the API.
  3. Kenya PIN Checker: We’ve now updated our Kenyan PIN Checker to show all obligations as received from the service provider.
  4. Kenyan NIN Updates: As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance our services, we have now improved our Kenyan NIN endpoint to provide more accurate responses.
  5. Business Ownership Advance now ensures unallocated shares are reflected in downloaded reports.

On Events 

Peleza ID4 Africa

We were proudly represented at the just concluded ID4Africa conference in Cape Town, South Africa.  It was such a privilege to join industry leaders in discussing the theme “Digital Identity as DPI: Fostering Trust, Inclusion & Adoption.” Our participation underscored our commitment to advancing digital identity solutions that promote trust, inclusivity and widespread adoption across the continent. 

Peleza’s May Forgery Statistics

Peleza Forgery updates

From the recent report from background checks conducted by Peleza in May, these are the statistics: 

  • Employment Inconsistencies: 

Percentage of Cases: 19.23% (250 out of 1300)

Description: Instances where there were discrepancies or inconsistencies in the employment history provided by applicants. 

  • Education Forgeries: 

Percentage of Cases: 10% (180 out of 1800)

Description: Cases where applicants submitted forged or falsified educational credentials. 

  • Criminal Forgeries: 

Percentage of Cases: 10% (400 out of 4000)

Description: Instances where applicants provided fraudulent information related to their criminal background. 

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