You have probably read, heard, or even seen on television about jilted investors – people who have committed millions into investment schemes that have failed to take off. It could have been in real estate or farming for example – what seem like very sound investments to the uninformed.

Kenya for instance is replete with off-plan housing and greenhouse farming schemes that offer cheap options to owning a home, and a chance at a quick return on investment in farming respectively. In both cases, the promise of benefits accruing from economies of scale explains the popularity, competitiveness, and attractiveness of these investment options. The fact that the investor avoids the hassle of actually getting dirty on the ground, as well as the time and money saved in the process also adds to their appeal. When the deal is too good to be true, think twice. And it is precisely because of that appeal that briefcase companies have propped up to take advantage of eager would-be investors.

Think Twice When the Deal is Too Good to be True

Well, that is essentially why Peleza International Limited exists – to conduct company due diligence on such briefcase cons and give you peace of mind. Let us be your insurance against surrendering your savings and boarding a train to nowhere.

Peleza has the capacity and expertise to investigate and/or verify the credentials of such companies before you engage them in business. Here are some solutions that Peleza can offer to help you sieve through companies before you ink on that dotted line:

  1. We will investigate the company’s registration.
  2. We will verify the shareholders and directors, as well as shareholding and directorship
  3. We will do a site visit where there is a need to ensure that the goods being sold actually exist
  4. We will check to ensure that they are in compliance with local governing laws and bylaws
  5. We will also do a Customer Reference Check among other services

You have probably heard it; if the deal is too good, think twice. We might add; conduct due diligence first anyway. And that is where we come in.