In these trying times as the world is adjusting to the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic, most businesses have had to shut down entirely or operate on limited capacity. However, we are witnessing urgent demand in certain industries as a result of our collective response geared to help us win the battle as companies continue hiring during COVID-19 times.

Healthcare institutions need more staff to help the ailing. Online retailers need more distribution staff to ensure people can safely get supplies they need in their homes, the gig economy needs more personnel and Staffing firms need to onboard people to help all of these industries to meet the demand created by consumers under lockdown who still need essential services.

At Peleza, we are all hands on deck to facilitate new employee onboarding with timely, accurate screenings that gets them into the workforce quickly and safely. We understand that companies should not have to choose between fast hiring and the safe cultures they have come to rely on. We are committed to delivering fast, accurate, reliable background screening services under all circumstances.

With our available automated systems that allow us to access information from primary data sources as well as our Global partnership networks that offer us additional fulfillment capabilities, we can eliminate challenges in completing background screenings for companies and businesses that have to recruit in the current conditions.

If you are a screening provider who is struggling to deliver complete services due to institutional closures, we’re here for you. We will partner with you to deliver screenings you can’t fulfill due to current challenges.

We will work with you to quickly integrate our services into your platform so you can keep fulfilling on your promises to your clients.

It is our responsibility to support those among us who have no choice but to get back to work to support and care for the rest of us.

Peleza is here to help. Reach out to us today at