Highlights and Insights on the Merger: Peleza International and Prembly LTD as Prembly Group.

Peleza merges with Prembly

In June 2024, a significant milestone was achieved in the compliance and digital security landscape for emerging markets as we Peleza International, East Africa’s pioneer in background checks, merged with Prembly LTD, a digital security and compliance infrastructure company with a robust pan-African presence. The merger gave birth to Prembly Group, a powerhouse in Global Data Infrastructure and Compliance Solutions.

Peleza, known for its pioneering background checks and KYB solutions in East Africa, and Prembly, recognized for its comprehensive compliance operations and product suite, have joined forces to uphold a shared commitment to data integrity and regulatory compliance. This union marks a strategic step forward, blending the strengths and expanding the capabilities of both entities to serve international corporations efficiently.

The Journey to the Merger 

The merger’s roots trace back to a successful partnership between Peleza and Prembly. Initially working together on a partnership level, both teams realized the potential for long-term collaboration. Over time, the partnership demonstrated significant cost savings and revenue growth, solidifying the decision to merge. Prembly’s expansion into international markets and Peleza’s extended suite of KYB and AML services provided a clear pathway for seamless integration, poised to serve as a bridge for international companies expanding into Africa and vice versa.

What does this mean for Customers & Stakeholders?

The combined business now known as Prembly Group with a shared commitment to excellence in data integrity and regulatory compliance will add more value to customers, presenting a more meaningful impact on the quality of data the customers are being presented with; to transact far and wide, to give you access to enterprises globally, enhancing your processes, accelerating speed to market, expanding geographical footprint to become faster and more competitive; ensuring onboarded business continue to thrive

Our Team Members’ Perspectives

Talking head merger
Team members perspectives

Ann Akintunde 

Ann highlights that the merger will enhance operational efficiency, technical capacity, and expansion into emerging markets. She envisions Peleza’s solid KYC and background check products combining with Prembly’s technological capabilities to meet global demands. Ann anticipates a stronger brand presence attracting more customers, referrals, partners, and investors, contributing to sustained growth and success.

This is our strategic approach to growth, scale-up, operational efficiency, and enhanced customer experience within and outside Africa.”

Lydia Makrionitis

Lydia is excited about increasing coverage and expanding reach by combining strengths to meet diverse client needs. She believes the merger will set a new standard for excellence in global data solutions, facilitating smoother operations for companies expanding into Africa and beyond.

The merger between Prembly and Peleza is a dynamic step forward, significantly enhancing our offerings, coverage, and capabilities. It marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter.

Tolu Adetuyi 

Tolu echoes the benefits of comprehensive global verification services and easier market entry. He emphasizes leveraging the extensive experience and expertise of both companies to drive innovation and improve service quality, with Peleza’s regional expertise in background check solutions being a significant asset.

Nephat Gikunju

Nephat believes the merger will result in a more robust services portfolio and broader client coverage. He anticipates easier and faster client and employee onboarding, enhancing the company’s position as a compliance giant.

On this journey towards global compliance service delivery, Prembly and Peleza will go faster and further as one African giant.”

Brian Gichaga

Brian sees the merger as a comprehensive enhancement to Prembly Group’s service offerings, covering all areas of risk management and compliance globally. The merger will influence legislation and policies surrounding compliance, with Peleza’s proficiency in background checks complementing Prembly’s KYB/KYC strengths. He underscores the vital role of dedicated employees and the merger’s advantage in appealing to international firms by providing services across multiple countries.

Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.” – Henry Ford

The merger between Peleza International and Prembly LTD brings together complementary strengths in products, technologies, geographic footprints, and human capital. The newly formed Prembly Group is set to become a formidable leader in compliance and data infrastructure, with a global reach, robust service lines, deep domain expertise, and operational efficiencies driving innovation and growth. The overwhelming positivity from the team members underscores the significant potential and promising future of this merger.

You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers

  1. What is the name of the newly formed entity resulting from the merger between Peleza and Prembly?

The newly formed entity resulting from the merger will now be called Prembly Group.

  1. Where will Prembly Group be headquartered?

Prembly Group’s new headquarters will be located in the United States.

  1. What is the strategic rationale for the merger of Prembly and Peleza?

The strategic rationale for the merger was to establish a global footprint, deliver comprehensive data infrastructure and compliance solutions, and exceed client expectations worldwide.

  1. What are the key areas of expertise that the combined entity will offer?

The combined entity will offer expertise in data infrastructure and compliance solutions on a global scale.

  1. What sectors will benefit from the enhanced capabilities of the merged entity?

The merged entity aims to enhance service delivery across multiple sectors, including finance, telecommunications, e-commerce, and more.

  1. What are the expected benefits for shareholders and investors of both companies from this merger?

The merger is expected to create value through significant cost synergies, operating margin expansion, and enhanced growth opportunities for shareholders and investors of both companies.

  1. What are the core strengths that the merger aims to enhance?

The merger aims to enhance core strengths in data integrity, regulatory compliance, and service delivery across various sectors.

  1. What types of products and services will the combined company offer globally?

The combined company will offer a broad array of products and services related to data infrastructure and compliance solutions on a global scale.

  1. How will this affect me as a Peleza’s customer?

Rest assured, business operations for you remain unchanged.

Aside from some rebranding update, from the shades of blue you’ve come to love to shades of green we trust you’ll love even more, i.e an updated Brand Identity to Prembly, there will be no alterations that disrupt your business operations.

  1. Will Peleza have a new name?

Yes, Peleza will now be officially known as Prembly East Africa, and all existing social media handles will carry same name.