On 13th August 2019 South African President Cyril Ramaphosa signed into law tough new rules criminalising the submission of fraudulent qualifications or misrepresentation of education credentials. This was as a result of many high profile personalities being accused of lying about their academic qualifications. The act aims to ensure the integrity of the institutions that grant degrees are preserved.

Here in Kenya, we have witnessed a boom over the years of embellishments in CVs of candidates who are seeking employment. This is designed to suit the qualification of the job they are seeking for. The need is so great that we have turned the craft of faking degrees into a vocation rather than an avocation. Fake certificates or River Road degrees as we fondly refer to them are abundant in the job market. All you need to do is observe the headlines in the months leading up to a general election to see how our politicians also get caught up in fake education document scandals.

Buy a Certificate

For a paltry KES 6000, one can get a Masters degree certificate in any field. One of these brazen websites even claims that you only pay after you approve the certificate including free delivery (somebody nominate these saints for a humanitarian award)

There are studies that show up to 65% of candidates lie on their CVs and an area of concern is the education history This begs the question, are you willing to take a risk and hire a candidate without verifying their education credentials? This could be an insight into the integrity of the candidate since if someone forges a document, what else could they be lying about?

At Peleza we have the expertise, capacity and experience in verifying education credentials both locally and internationally.

We are familiar with the current trends in resume fraud and in this regard, we have noticed many candidates will lie about international education qualifications. This is because they believe most employers do not have the capacity to confirm this information.

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